Will Change Apple FOREVER: What to Expect!

 we are now only a couple of days away from apple’s wwdc event on june 6 which 

is monday and i am extremely excited because we’ve been getting more and more 

leaks and rumors coming in over the past week that are confirming the different 

products and features that we should be seeing and the ones that we definitely 

should not now before we get into the actual hardware releases that we should 

expect because yes we are expecting some hardware i want to try and crack some of 

the easter eggs like first of all apple just released this new graphic with the 

new wwdc logo and there are some interesting points to mention here this 

twitter user pointed out that the new imac has seven colors and this new 

graphic actually has seven different colors including the silver macbook pro 

so what if this points to an upcoming macbook air with seven different colors 

just like the imac because that’s what some of the leaks were pointing to over 

the last couple of months and on top of that we did finally get apple’s official 

hash flag on twitter which is wwdc22 and it shows their little swift logo but 

with an rgb wheel going around it and going even crazier apple actually teased 

wwdc 2022 with these new augmented reality memoji cards which show a bunch 

of different colors and basically it’s almost like collectible cards kind of 

like a pokemon card pack that you can open up and in my opinion all of those 

different rgb colors including the collectible card packs that you open up 

remind me of gaming so my thought is what if apple has some major gaming 

announcements to make and the crazy thing is we actually have some leaks and 

rumors that give some evidence to my thoughts first of all we had the leaks 

of apple talking to ea games electronic arts to try and buy them out now on top 

of that apple has also been making new patent filings for new gaming 

controllers for the iphone kind of like the new backbone one controller that i 

recently reviewed and i think it’s the absolute best choice for apple if 

they’re going into gaming now moving on we also got some very interesting leaks 

and rumors from mark german who was the most reliable apple analyst and leaker 

and he gave us a lot of different software features that we should be 

seeing first of all for ios 16 he says that apple is planning major 

enhancements for the lock screen including wallpapers that have 

widget-like capabilities which is very very interesting and then he said that 

we could be getting an always-on lock screen 

year when it actually comes out now in terms of ipad os 16 he says that he’s 

expecting major changes to windowing and multitasking which we’ve actually made a 

video on right here showing off some different apple patents and different 

leaks that show that apple is going to completely revamp the multitasking on 

the ipad pro and ipad air making it a lot more pro and then on top of that he 

expects the messages app to gain more social network like functionality 

particularly around audio messages now he doesn’t think the health app is going 

to make it to ipad os or mac os although plenty of new features are said to be on 

the way that work with the iphone and the apple watch and in terms of watch os 

9 it’s allegedly going to include significant improvements to watch os 

that affect day-to-day operating and navigation so maybe it’s going to be 

easier to navigate and potentially a new low power mode which is definitely going 

to be awesome because the current one is just like a power reserve that doesn’t 

work very well on top of that the iphone and the apple watch is going to be 

getting a new car crash detection feature which works to automatically 

dial 911 if you get into a car crash and you don’t respond so that is gonna be 

saving a lot of lives now let’s move on we have some leaks from mcguire wood or 

geo riku he says he has some new leaks that are scheduled to come out 

throughout the week but he did give us a little bit of sneak peeks right here 

first of all he’s got some ipad stuff he’s got the macbook air that he thinks 

is coming he’s got the m2 series which is awesome and even the mac pro with 

apple silicon and some apple tv stuff as well and right here he even said there’s 

opportunity for a mac pro with an m series processor and a new heat sink 

design and he’s currently trying to get some pictures of it from his source so 

that’s a little sneak peek but we’ll talk about that in just a minute first 

let’s move on to apple’s vr headset and we got a major leak from robert scobol 

he says that apple’s wwdc event is going to be the first of three different 

events apple is preparing for the next year to introduce the world to augmented 

reality a new form that we haven’t seen yet now the first event is going to be 

wwdc where they’re going to introduce a new development environment for a new 

kind of photo realistic 3d scene avatars and much more and then the second event 

is when apple is actually going to reveal the ar vr headset probably in 

january 2023 with bleeding edge technology and then the third event 

around june 2023 which is wwc next year is when apple is finally going to sell 

that headset and the crazy thing is that ming chaquel completely agreed with them 

saying that it’s unlikely for apple to reveal their mixed reality headset at 

wwdc and it’s actually going to get launched 

next year just like robert scoble was saying so in my opinion based on 

mingxiquo’s tweets i think apple is going to give us a sneak preview or 

introduce us into the world of apple’s metaverse with their augmented reality 

but they’re not going to show us all of the details that other companies can 

copy and the crazy thing is that mark german basically agrees saying that the 

vr headset is unlikely and according to mark he says that if there’s any 

hardware at wwdc it’ll likely be on the mac side and he says that it could be 

the next macbook air with the m2 chip because there are more and more signs 

that employees are actually using the next gen in macbook air with their apps 

which is a sign that the new mac is close and i know we’ve been making quite 

a few videos on this new macbook air but let me just refresh your memory with 

some of the features that we should be expecting on the new macbook air first 

of all we should be getting a redesigned chassis which i think is going to look 

more like the 14 inch macbook pro in terms of the new design which is going 

to be flat on the top and bottom we’re also expecting white bezels and a white 

keyboard and on top of that we are also expecting a notch which is unfortunate 

but it’s what they did with the 14 inch macbook pro and allowed the bezels to be 

slimmer which is always good and of course like i talked about earlier on in 

the video we should be expecting multiple colors as well a slightly 

larger lcd display which ross young confirmed saying that it’s going to be 

0.3 inches larger which basically confirms the whole notch idea and i do 

believe it’s going to have an m2 chip we should also expect a 1080p webcam we 

should expect max save 3 just like on the 14 inch macbook pro and two 

thunderbolt ports as well and here’s an awesome tweet from mark german basically 

showing that the macbook air is currently the only regular m1 mac other 

than one imac configuration that’s showing any signs of shipping delays 

which means that we could be seeing the macbook air coming next week now on top 

of that mcguire wood actually went in detail with some extra leaks and 

finalized rumors he says that the macbook air refresh is happening yes 

it’s happening with new colors and a modified chassis design a slightly 

larger battery with the m2 chip and no face id in the top display camera area 

this year which basically shows that yes it’s going to have a notch and he also 

said that battery life is going to be comparable to the current m1 macbook pro 

thanks to improved efficiency of the new m2 chip which is awesome because the m1 

macbook pro actually has the best battery life out of any mac right now 

even better than the m1 macbook air so the m2 macbook air is going to catch up 

to it now moving on to some disappointing news we have to talk about 

the m2 chip because shrimp apple pro gave us some bad news about the a16 and 

the m2 saying that it’s going to be based on the old generation tsmc n5p 

process which is second generation 5 nanometer and that’s for both the a16 

and the new chip which first of all he thought it would be the m1x or something 

based on the m1 but he came out later and said that his source agrees that the 

m1x could be the actual m2 instead because it’s all about marketing and it 

makes sense for apple to call it the m2 and if you’re struggling to imagine what 

it’s going to look like you can check out my renders that i made with renders 

by shailesh and i think that these new macbook airs are going to be absolutely 

stunning and now with that said we have another very interesting leak first of 

all an apple memo said that the original ipad pro and strangely the apple tv hd 

will become vintage products next month now that was in may so this month in 

june they’re going to be vintage and the crazy thing about this is that the apple 

tv hd is actually still up for sale on apple’s website however this might mean 

that they could be replacing it with something totally new and guess what 

major quote just came out with a leak last month saying that apple is going to 

be launching a new version of the apple tv that improves cost structure in the 

second half of 2022 which is basically as early as july and in my opinion i 

think that apple is actually making a low-cost streaming stick just like the 

amazon fire tv stick because they can bring the price down far below a hundred 

dollars to basically push their apple tv plus service and finally with all of 

that out of the way let’s talk about the mac pro which we might see at wwdc 

and here is the major leak that we got from shrimp apple pro he says that the 

m1 extreme the jade 4c which is basically four m1 max dies put together 

does exist and the only time it makes sense to release that mac pro chip 

is this year and the best time is wwdc so i’m really hoping that we get that 

report because we were getting some leaks and rumors from people like majin 

buu saying that there’s gonna be a new 2022 mac pro and it’s gonna connect two 

m1 ultra chips together and even more detailed he says that it’s coming this 

september which is insane and i really hope they come that soon so with that 

said the new mac pro could just have the same chip that’s modified and rebranded 

as the m2 extreme or of course something completely different like the x1 and 

there you guys go that’s everything you should be expecting at wwdc and if 

you’re not already subscribed click the circle above to do so right now because 

i’m gonna keep you posted on all the leaks that are coming up until wwc and 

of course we’re gonna cover anything that launches there as well so if you 

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