Apple is FINALLY Bringing Back This LEGENDARY Product

 apple is bringing back a legendary product that changed the whole 

adults don’t even know about this but today we will take a step back in time 

and see how steve jobs shocked everybody and everybody was on this new tech we’ll 

talk about what it is when it’s going to come out and how it is going to be 

affecting the new m2 max let’s go ahead and jump right back in time back in 1999 

steve jobs went on stage and showed off the ibook g3 this was a colorful laptop 

it looks really funky and weird today but looked really awesome back then go 

ahead and let me know down below if you’re somebody that has used one of 

these macbooks now not only did it have unique features like a built-in handle 

to make it much easier to carry it also had one secret feature that we’ll talk 

about in a sec it also had pretty good performance especially for the price tag 

where apple priced it lower than the competitors while offering a lot more 

bang for the buck that kind of sounds like the m1 macbook air to me right now 

where it’s cheaper and better than all of the competition in that category 

after steve gave all of the specs and then showed off different versions of 

television ads that they would do back in the day he came out with his 

legendary well but there is one more thing 

there is one more thing let me just show this to you for a minute okay okay come 

on up here i just want to show you this working he brought a cameraman on stage 

and proceeded to open up the laptop and he connected to the internet which was 

completely normal but then he busted out the hula hoop and the crowd went 

nuts so what did he do with them well he spun it through and all around 

the laptop while being connected to the internet something that was never done 

before yes apple was the very first company to 

release a laptop with wireless networking most of us our age my age and 

younger didn’t even know this and in the following years they changed the world 

with this new laptop and this new networking that they were including 

everybody from teachers students people at home were switching to wi-fi and 

enjoying the freedom that it gave now in order to make this possible they needed 

networking a wi-fi router to allow people to connect to and to make it easy 

which is where this flying saucer comes in now apple wasn’t the first company to 

make a wi-fi router but they were the ones that really pushed this whole 

technology forward the airport base station looked funky but it gave you 

everything you need with the modem inside connectivity with a bunch of 

devices good range very easy to use and it actually had the fastest speed that 

just came out for wireless connectivity it was 10 times faster than before so if 

apple made the first laptop with wi-fi and they really revolutionized this 

whole industry what’s happening today well four years ago apple officially 

discontinued their lineup of airport extreme and time capsules which i’ll 

talk about in a sec and they just dump this whole market we’re gonna talk about 

why they did that why it’s coming back and how we know and how it’s gonna 

affect these brand new macs coming out what changes those are going to bring 

this info that we have is coming from imagine boo and if you’re wondering well 

who the heck is that this is a guy that covers a lot of information leaks a lot 

of software stuff that we’ve actually covered in the past and if you don’t 

think he’s credible check this out he was actually the first person to talk 

about mixer software that apple is developing to bring a mac os like 

experience to the ipads that we covered now this came out we were hoping that it 

is true and then just a little bit later patents were released and approved 

showing this whole interface how you’ll be able to connect your ipad to a 

keyboard and get a mac os like experience so apple’s patents backed up 

what he was talking about in terms of software now on top of that steve trott 

and smith just put out this information talking about webkit and how it just had 

extra infrastructure added to allow for a multi-tasking mode on ios that looks 

like it’s a system toggle that enables freely resizable windows now we know 

wwdc is coming out we are going to get ipad os 16. this phone info is coming up 

and they are actually making preparations for it as we see so here it 

is the new hardware the new leaked information for majin buu and according 

to his sources they are seeing from mac os 13 that there should be a version of 

time machine the backup system for your max that’s completely redone it’s going 

to be integrated with icloud drive and in addition apple is expecting to 

introduce new airports in november why would apple want to do that why would 

they discontinue their airports four years ago and then now all of a sudden 

they’re gonna be bringing it back well when we take a look back at the airports 

they were launching them when we had major changes in technology the first 

flying saucer model brought this technology to the masses and then the 

airport extreme is what allowed for ultra fast speeds and for broadband to 

be able to use instead of slow dial up on top of that they made it so easy to 

set up and to use instead of having to use a web login browser that’s a lot of 

them still need now and then four to five years later we had another 

breakthrough product called time capsule this took your airport extreme and your 

hard drive that you would use for backup and fuse them together this gave people 

a super easy and reliable solution that was automated and worked on multiple 

macs in your house without having to do anything it was incredible and then 

another four years later apple brought out the latest airport extreme design 

with the trashcan mac pro that came out right as we got the ac standard that had 

multiple streams dual band boarding antennas super great range and it also 

could include a hard drive for that time capsule backup so this design was their 

very last one that they didn’t update for a while and then they ended up 

canceling now believe it or not people are still spending a lot of money on 

this older outdated deck because it’s easy to use it’s reliable and you have 

those backups so why did apple not really change anything well not much 

happened in many years after that the wireless stayed the same the speeds many 

routers are still using those today and third-party options got so cheap that 

these were just kind of too expensive for a lot of people and in fact even the 

2019 mac pro and all of the macs other than the new m1s only support internet 

speeds as fast as this airport extreme they don’t support wi-fi six now 

recently wi-fi six started to come out the new macbooks finally support it but 

they’re still a little bit back dated on the bluetooth and we now have wi-fi 6e 

that was released and people start to spend way more money on their routers 

some of these wi-fi 60 routers are incredibly expensive and people are 

buying them hard drives have also gotten much cheaper since apple came out with a 

time capsule and were charging a ton of money for this new technology and with 

that not only has it been four years since apple discontinued the airport 

line but they are also going to be coming out with a new mac pro that they 

talked about which is right in time for new technology wi-fi 6e and an airport 

extreme or whatever they want to call it that also enables that technology bring 

me to these new macs if apple is going to put out a new wi-fi router just like 

we’ve seen before every time they released a new one it was the very 

newest latest and greatest wi-fi technology going back all the way to the 

very first one this is going to be prime time to switch to this new generation 

upgrade all their connectivity and gives users you know what they want now along 

with that leak we also have the info about icloud drive you’ve been able to 

back up your ipads your iphones your apple watch all to icloud drive but on 

the mac side it has only been certain files that if they’re deleted online or 

on your mac they get removed you know vice versa so if you have been using 

that it doesn’t work great you still have to use time machine and because of 

that people are still buying these very expensive overpriced old time capsule 

airport extremes to have automatic backups that are off of their laptop 

without having to plug in a cable i’m really shocked that apple has not 

implemented this yet with icloud drive now if they’re going to be doing this 

maybe they won’t put a hard drive in the actual airport extreme maybe they’re 

going to wrap it up in their bundles and with that they might also enable 

higher capacities we’ve been capped at two terabytes for a while some people 

even have two plans so maybe they’ll go up to five and give a larger amount for 

people to use especially with family plans which is the way that i use it now 

with that a lot of people and publications have been talking about how 

this is the missing piece from apple’s lineup people are saying they should 

bring it back it makes sense especially now with these brand new m1 and upcoming 

m2 powered macs so apple it seems like is going to give people what they want 

now you guys let me know down below is this something that you’re interested in 

will you buy something from apple that can be integrated in the whole ecosystem 

or do you already have another solution that works really well for you i want to 

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