Most Expensive iPhone 2023

 – [MrBeast] This is a solid gold PlayStation Five,

and this is a h

undred million dollar robot.

and there’s no difference between a normal Xbox.

– Well you’re paying nine and a half grand for the box.

and someone just brings their Xbox in a Gucci box.

you could get this custom made Iron Man suit.

but looking that. – Well I mean,

– Up next is a solid gold PlayStation Five.

Why would you grab it with your gruby Cheeto fingers.

– Oh my God. – What!

Like why have a normal pool table if you can have this?

Why does a golden Mac cost twice a golden PlayStation?

– I would rather have the golden PlayStation to be honest.

Apparently this is the most extreme VR setup.

I mean. – For 50 grand though?

– You’re really getting into this one, man.

– [Chris] Boston Dynamics, just send me one.

– Aw, I didn’t get that for a Christmas present.

And so like, if you stopped suddenly, you just,

More important, how the heck is this 190 grand?

That looks like it costs, like, $20 million.

Alright zoom in on that. – Whoa!

That’s insane. – Wait,

Dude, I’m gonna go buy this so I can spy on people.

– I wonder if you have to have a driver’s license

– Wait, can you get pulled over by the sky police?

– Oh, yo what if you’re getting chased by the police

He looks like he knows what he’s doing, probably.

It just folds up? – It folds in?

– Or you could fly to anywhere you want in your car.

– [Chris] I can see myself cruising the streets that.

– Please. – You would die.

This is where like 3D printing becomes practical.

– [Woman] The Refik Anadol surreal installation.

That’s gotta be a while. – Oh my gosh.

– It looks like a Star Wars, like, pod racer.

– Hey, you gotta fail before you can succeed.

Oh, that doesn’t look like it’s going all the way.

– The camera’s like, “This is where it should be.”

I wonder if it’s nerves or if it’s muscles.

So it looks like they might be reading his muscle movement.

– I didn’t know her name or anything about her.

Goodbye. – Bye!

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