Russell Wilson Signs 7-Year, $296 Million Contract Extension With Broncos

Russell Wilson Signs 7-Year, $296 Million Contract Extension With Broncos

Russell Wilson Signs 7-Year, $296 Million
Contract Extension With Broncos 

In signing a seven-year, $296
million contract with the Broncos, quarterback Russell Wilson became the second
highest-paid player in the NFL. He is ahead of quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers
(155 million), Kyler Murray ($160 million), and Josh Allen (150 million). He
waived his no-trade clause in March and signed with the Broncos. He has a good
relationship with quarterback Peyton Manning and hopes to play for 10 or more
years in Denver.

7 years


It’s official. Russell Wilson’s
contract with the Broncos is worth $245 million, with $165 million guaranteed
to the Broncos. That makes it the second-highest contract in NFL history. The
new deal also includes a $50 million signing bonus, making it an impressive
deal for Wilson. It also locks Wilson in for seven years in Denver.


While there are some questions about
the Broncos’ decision to extend Wilson’s contract, one thing is for sure: Paton
knew Wilson would want to stay in Denver. Wilson himself had stated that Denver
was his last stop. The new ownership group is made up of Walmart heir Rob
Walton and his two partners, Carrie Walton Penner and Greg Penner. They also
include Condolezza Rice, Melody Hobson, and Lewis Hamilton. As a result, the
group will likely be the richest ownership group in the NFL.


Though Wilson missed three preseason
games, his performance during training camp was impressive. He showed a work
ethic that is unmatched and a great sense of leadership. He knows that winning
a Super Bowl championship is the ultimate goal and he has been working toward
that goal.


In addition to a seven-year deal,
Wilson is signing a deal worth $296 million. That includes four years worth
$161 million and three years worth $124 million. The contract also includes a
backloaded final two years. However, it does not make him the highest-paid
player in the league.

$296 million


The Denver Broncos and quarterback
Russell Wilson have reached an agreement on a contract extension. The five-year
deal is worth $245 million and includes $165 million in guaranteed money. The
deal is a major boost for the Broncos, who acquired Wilson from the Seattle
Seahawks in a blockbuster deal. The deal is good for both sides, but Wilson
will make a great deal more money in Denver.


Wilson will make $296 million over
five years, including $165 million guaranteed, making him the
sixth-highest-paid quarterback in NFL history. The contract is a win-win
situation for the Broncos and Wilson, as other QBs will soon seek massive
extensions, too.


The five-year contract, which comes
with a $50 million signing bonus, is one of the largest contracts in NFL
history. It will tie Wilson to the Denver Broncos until his age-40 season in
2028. According to reports, the new deal will bring in an average of $49
million a year for Wilson. The deal includes $165 million in guarantees and
will keep Wilson in Denver until 2028, which makes it the largest contract in
Broncos history.


As a quarterback, Wilson has already
won Super Bowl 48 with the Seahawks. He has a career passer rating of 101.8 and
has made the Pro Bowl eight times. The Broncos have been a contender since the
trade for Wilson.

Few guarantees


There are a few guarantees in
Russell Wilson’s contract with the Denver Broncos. The first guarantee is that
Wilson will not make any less than $124 million over the next three seasons.
But there is also some dead cap money in the contract. There is a $50 million
non-guaranteed salary in 2028, which the Broncos could save all of if they
decide to release him.


The contract has implications for
the team, the league, and the quarterback position. The Broncos acquired Wilson
from Seattle for five draft picks and three players. The team’s new general
manager and CEO, Greg Penner, has expressed trust in Wilson. He also entrusted
his negotiating skills to Paton, who negotiated Wilson’s contract with Rich


Wilson’s new contract with the
Broncos is a five-year deal worth $245 million, with a $50 million signing
bonus. The contract averages out to $49.5 million per year, just shy of the $50
million per year average Aaron Rodgers signed earlier this year. It is also the
largest quarterback contract in Broncos history and one of the highest in the


The new contract is worth more than
Wilson’s previous contract with the Broncos. The Broncos are hoping that Wilson
will be as successful as the two previous Super Bowl champions. Wilson will
turn 34 in November, so his fourth guaranteed year will be in his late 30s. He
will be 40 if he plays out his entire seven-year deal.



As a free agent, Russell Wilson was
coveted by the Denver Broncos. The team wanted Wilson to sign a long-term
contract that would lock him in until 2028. To retain him, Paton made
an offer that Wilson could not refuse. As a result, the quarterback agreed to a
five-year, $245 million contract with the Broncos. The contract includes $165
million in guaranteed money. This is the third-largest contract in NFL history.
The Broncos did not release the financial details of Wilson’s contract.


Wilson’s arrival is an exciting
development for the Broncos, who have high expectations for Wilson. The team
hopes Wilson will validate this aggressive trade play and deliver the desired
results. The early returns from the trade have fueled optimism in both parties.
This optimism could translate into a long-term contract for Wilson.


Wilson’s deal was finalized on
Wednesday night. He met with Paton and the team’s chief contract negotiator,
Rich Hurtado. The team’s owner/CEO, Greg Penner, was also involved in the


In addition to his signing bonus of
$50 million, Wilson will receive $124 million over the next three years. Denver
can save up to $4.4 million by releasing him in 2028, and it’s unlikely that
Wilson will play that season under the current contract.

Doesn’t guarantee


After a blockbuster trade with the
Seattle Seahawks, the Denver Broncos were ready to sign star quarterback
Russell Wilson to a long-term contract. The two sides reached an agreement that
will keep Wilson under contract for two more seasons. The contract is worth
$245 million, with $165 million guaranteed. However, Wilson’s average salary
remains below that of Aaron Rodgers, who has a four-year, $33 million contract.


In addition to the massive payday,
Wilson’s signing has an added benefit. It enlivens the Bronco’s offense and
bolsters the quarterback market. As of Tuesday, the Broncos are estimated to be
about $25 million under the salary cap, allowing them to be aggressive with
free agents. The new Broncos owner is also in a great position to backload
large cap hits to compensate for the increased salary cap figures.


Wilson’s contract with the broncos
is the latest of many quarterback extension blockbusters. While this may not
guarantee Wilson a contract with the Broncos, the extension shows that the team
is serious about keeping Wilson. They gave up a lot of picks to sign him to an


Wilson will earn a $50 million
signing bonus, a $5 million roster bonus, and $77 million over the next eight
months. He also has the right to negotiate a player-friendly contract.
Despite the huge contract, it is worth comparing the contract with Murray’s
deal with the Browns.

Doesn’t lock in the salary cap number


Russell Wilson’s contract with the
Broncos does not lock in his salary cap number. The deal, which includes a
signing bonus of $50 million, doesn’t make Wilson the highest-paid quarterback
in the NFL. The deal, which locks in $17 million in base salary for the years
2024 and 2025, is worth $245 million, including guarantees. The deal is a long
time in the making, and the new Broncos CEO, John Elway, played a major role in
securing Wilson’s long-term commitment.


Although the deal has a
two-year minimum, Wilson’s salary cap hit is based on his current contract,
which carries a cap hit of $24 million this season and $27 million next season.
After that, his salary will average $49 million per season, so even if he’s
released by the Broncos, they could save all of his salaries.


Denver’s cap space is still large,
so the Broncos have room to splash in NFL free agency. The deal also includes
$5M in roster bonuses, which will add up to nearly $30 million. This extra cap
space will be very helpful in building a roster around Wilson next off-season,
assuming that Wilson stays healthy.


In addition to being a relative
bargain, Wilson is one of the few players with significant cap leverage, with
two years remaining on a $50 million deal. Considering that the Broncos gave up
several players to get Wilson, they should have plenty of leverage to negotiate
a higher deal for him. The Broncos gave up a 2022 first-round pick and a 2023
second-round pick in exchange for Wilson. The Seahawks also received a
fifth-round pick and a fourth-round pick for Wilson.

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