GERMAN AUTOBAHN ELECTRIC CAR RACE! πŸš—πŸ’¨ | Animated Full Episode for Kids! | Matchbox World Tour


πŸš—πŸ’¨ | Animated Full
Episode for Kids! | Matchbox World Tour



[Mason] With no time to waste, world
famous adventurer, Mason James

speeds down the legendary German

Whoa! This VW sure likes to go fast!

[Kayla] Okay, Speed Demon. Don’t
forget we have a mission to accomplish.

[Mason] What did that castle clue
say again?

[Kayla] Sausages and pretzels, the
capital is Berlin.

Pass quietly and fast to find the
map within.

[Mason] Berlin is the capital of

and fast obviously refers to the
German Autobahn,

which allows cars to go super fast.

So, we’re in the right place.

Now we’ve got to figure out where to

The Autobahn is over 13,000
kilometers long.

That’s over 100,000 football fields
back to back!

[Kayla] Just then, Mason James spots
a castle

that looks just like the castle on
the last treasure.

[Mason] That’s it! Mason James has
found the location.

But now what?


[Emerson] Out of my way, Mason

I’m going to get that treasure.

[Mason groans]

[Mason] It’s the infamous
adventurer, Emerson Felix.

She must have followed me here.

[Kayla] Uh oh, that car looks fast,

[Mason] Emerson collects cars like
she collects treasure.

But that doesn’t mean she has the
best one for this mission.

[Emerson] Where’s that treasure?

[Mason] Meanwhile… This is great!

This fuel station has an electric
vehicle charger.

Time to get my charge on.

[Kayla] Emerson Felix racing back
and forth is so loud and powerful.

Vroom! Vroom, vroom!

[Mason] Maybe we need to be quiet
and powerful.

Kayla, quick. Hop in your Audi
e-tron and get here as fast as you can!

I just figured out this clue!

[Kayla] Thought you might say that.
Already on my way.

What’s up?

[Mason] The clue said pass quietly
and fast.

That’s why the mystery box gave me a
super quiet electric car.

It’s fast and quiet.

[Emerson] Hey! Where’s that

[Mason] All of Emerson’s engine
revving made me realize,

to find the treasure, we have to
drive very fast

and very quietly past this point.

[Emerson] Gonna find it!

[Kayla] Yes and maybe we have to
pass each other.

[Mason] Exactly what I was thinking.

Let’s give it a shot.

[Emerson] Ugh! There’s no treasure.

I was driving so fast. There’s
nothing here, Mason James.

[Mason] Don’t be so sure.

You ready, sis?

[Kayla] Charged up and ready to go,
Mason James.

[makes engine sounds]

[Mason] One, two, three…


[Kayla] Whoa!

[Mason] We have to go faster!

[Kayla] Whoosh!

[radio static]

[Emerson] Hey! Whatever you did just
made my radio turn on and off.

[Mason] It’s working. We have to go
even faster!

– [Kayla] Faster? – [Mason] Faster.

This part of the Autobahn has no
speed limit.

Ready, set, punch it!



[electronic humming]


Kayla, look!

The speed of the cars created an
energy pulse that activated a secret door.

[Emerson] Ooh, there it is.

Hey, my door locked. Oh, it’s

Wait, it locked again. That energy
pulse messed with my door locks.

[Mason] You okay, Emerson Felix?

[Emerson] Yes, but I’d be better if
you handed me that treasure.

[Mason] Not a chance. Time to solve
this mystery.

Is this what I think it is?

Mason James lays out the final piece
of the map.

We did it!

But what is this a map of?

[Kayla] Wait a minute, look! This
compass is off.

[Mason] This is a map of Florida,
the Sunshine State. Mystery solved.

[Kayla] Or is it?

As Mason James and his sister turn
the map over, they find a secret message.

Congratulations, you’ve done it. Now
guard this map closely,

and practice with your cars.

Your next world tour adventure may
take you to the stars.

[both] Awesome!

[Mom] Mason, Kayla, dinner!

[Mason] Guard this map closely, does
that mean the next adventure is in Florida?

[Kayla] What stars are in Florida?

[Mason] Maybe the treasure is really
bright, or hidden somewhere really high.

Or maybe it looks like a star!


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