11 BEST Travel Tech Gadgets of 2023

11 BEST Travel Tech Gadgets of 2023

This could be the most important piece of gear that I take
with me when I travel and thank you to Best Buy for sponsoring this video. So
every device nowadays takes a different port to charge

with micro USB, USBC lighting. And whenever we travel, I have
to remember to bring all different types of cables. A true story, the last time
we were in Mexico, I had to walk around the pool and look for someone who’s
using a Kindle. So I could ask to borrow their micro USB cable to charge our

Now, in addition to all the cables that I bring with me, I
make sure that I have at least one

of these universal charging cables that has a micro USB tip and
then a removable tip with lightning and USBC. This cable doesn’t give me the
fastest charging, but it’s super versatile. I know that I have all my bases
covered and I highly recommend using it. Now I’m going to show you a lot of gear
in this video.

So another critical component is your bag and I’m specifically
looking at it from a tech perspective.So I have three requirements. The first
is access. I’m going to have a lot of things in this bag and I don’t wanna have
to dig through to the bottom to find something or have to take everything outta
the bag

because I can’t reach something that I want. So this is the
peak design everyday backpack.

You can open it from both sides and from the top. So you can
always quickly and easily reach your gear.

It also has a compartment at the top, which I use all the time
for my phone and other small things that I need quick access to. And this
pocket is definitely something that I miss

in some of my other bags. And it’s a feature that adds a lot
of convenience.

The second requirement is organization and flexibility and
they sort of go hand in hand.

This bag has a ton of pockets and zippers. So I can find a
place for everything that I need.

It also has baffles that could be removed or moved around so I
can configure it to fit everything that I want. Now, the third requirement is
protection. So this bag is really well built, the shell is super durable. I’ve
had it for over four years and it pretty much looks exactly how he did when I
got it.

There’s also a good amount of padding. There are dedicated
laptop and tablet slots in the back

and you can loop the zipper pulls through the carrying loops, which
prevents the zippers from being opened. One thing that I always have with me is
headphones and they sort of fall into two categories.

So the first is a smaller in-ear model that I can quickly pop
in and out.

I can fit the small charging case in my pocket and it lets me
always have them charge

and they work great when I’m working out. There’s a lot of
great options out there and I’ll link

to a few of my favorites in the description. Now, if you want
a much more immersive audio experience,

then you should check out the Sony WH-1000 XM5 at today’s sponsor,
Best Buy.

These are a great option for travel. They have a really
comfortable headband and soft ear cups

so you can wear them during long trips. They have some of the
absolute best active noise cancellation.

So if you’re on a plane or at the airport, you can just turn
on noise cancellation

and the outside world fades into the background. And you can
just listen to your music or movies.

If you need to hear what’s going on around you, you can
activate ambient sound mode,

which will actually use the microphones to listen and then
send the audio into your headphones.

You can also cover the right ear cup with your hand to
temporarily let an outside noise in

and then lower the volume of what you’re listening to. And
with speak to chat,

you can have the headphones actually listen and detect when
you’re talking, which will pause your music,

bring in the outside sound, and will allow you to have a
conversation with someone.

Now, a lot of noise canceling headphones don’t have great
audio quality.

Now I’d used an older version of these headphones, which was
already excellent,

but these are on a whole new level and the sound is super

So check out the Sony XM5 at Best Buy. And again, thank you to
Best Buy for sponsoring this video.

The next piece of gear you may wanna bring with you when you
travel is a laptop.

Now everyone nowadays has their cellphone with them but if you
still need to get work done when you travel, you’ll want a portable, light,

and powerful laptop to take with you. One example is the
MacBook air, which is extremely thin

so it doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your bag. It’s also super
light, which is important,

because you’ll be carrying it on your back all day. And it has
an extremely powerful chip

so you can still accomplish more demanding tasks while you’re
on the go.

And don’t worry if you’re not an Apple person, I’ll have some
Windows options in the description.

Now, if you don’t need to run desktop apps then you may want
to consider bringing a tablet instead.

There are a ton of great options at different sizes. And I
want you to think about something

that gives you enough of a size advantage over your cell phone
to make it worth bringing with you.

Now, personally, if I don’t have a laptop, I would bring a
larger tablet with me,

something like a Tab S8 ultra or the 12.9 inch iPad Pro. And
that way I have a big screen to watch movies

and play games on. And usually I’ll also bring a keyboard case
with me, which works great for emails

and for responding to your comments. The next piece of gear
that you should consider bringing when you travel is a smart watch. Now, a lot
of times you’re gonna want to keep your phone

in your bag, especially if you’re hiking or if you just wanna
make sure that you don’t drop it.

So being able to receive texts and notifications on your smart
watch is extremely convenient.

Now, many smart watches also give you the option to respond
with voice and in general being able

to let go of your phone and know that you’re still able to
access important updates

lets you really enjoy your vacation. Now most of the time, I’m
also super active when I travel.

So I love being able to track and monitor my fitness. So it’s
probably no surprise that I take a lot

of pictures with my phone or I also use it to shoot video, because
it’s really convenient.

But when I want a little more control or if I just want better
overall quality,

I still bring a small camera with me. And nowadays that’s the
Sony ZV1.

It has a retractable lens so it’s super compact when it’s in
my bag or in my pocket.

It has a flip out screen so I can see myself when I’m in front
of the camera

and you can actually get a small handle for it that doubles as
a tripod.

Now, regardless of which devices you bring with you, you’re
gonna want a portable charger.

Now I do my best to charge everything overnight but I still
don’t wanna risk it.

So I always bring a portable charger with me. I have different
sizes with different capacities

and Anker makes some of my favorite options. So I’ll link to a
few in the description.

Now when you’re back in the room or at the house that you’re
staying in,

you’ll probably need to charge your devices. So I highly recommend
a high capacity multiport charger.

These let you charge up to four devices at once using USBA and
USBC ports.

And they have very high outputs so you can quickly and safely
charge your laptop,

your tablet, your phone, and your smart watch all at once. Depending
on how you organize your gear,

you may also want a tech organizer. Now there are a lot of
great options out there but just make sure that it fits in the bag that you use
and it works for all the smaller accessories that you need.

Again, I’ll link to a few of my favorite options in the

So I don’t know about you but I end up reading a ton when I

And while most of the time when I’m at home, I read on my
phone or my tablet.

They aren’t the best options when I’m out in direct sunlight.

And that’s where a Kindle comes in clutch. There’s a more
affordable paper white option.

And then the Oasis, which is the one that I use. I always find
that I’m holding it with one hand when I’m laying down. So it’s much more
comfortable to be able to

use these buttons to navigate from page to page. I love the
safety of the IPX eight rating, which means that it’s waterproof in six and a
half feet of water for up to 60 minutes.

And it’s also much easier to see in bright sunlight when I
compare it to my phone or my tablet.

Now the next piece of gear is one that I use at home all the
time but I also take it with me when I travel.

It’s a tablet or a phone stand and it’s so useful. So
sometimes I use it to prop a tablet to watch a movie

or to game on if I’m using a controller, sometimes we have it
in the kitchen so we can see a recipe.

It’s a small accessory, it folds down. So it’s really portable

and I highly recommend picking one up. Now you should watch
this tablet buying guide.

Hopefully this video is helpful. Click on my face to

Know what I always say? Buy it nice or buy it twice.

Good luck and see you soon.


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