Las mejores universidades de Europa

 Las mejores universidades de Europa Puede que sea el segundo continente más pequeño, pero Europa está repleta de muchas de las mejores instituciones educativas del mundo. En QS World University Rankings® 2020, un total de 381 universidades europeas se encuentran entre las mejores del mundo, aproximadamente el 38 por ciento de todas las universidades incluidas. … Read more

Castaic Fire Continues to Burn in the Los Angeles Area

  The Castaic fire continues to burnin the Los Angeles area. Firefighters have closed off the lake and are workingto get it contained. The fire has so far injured seven firefighters, but all ofthem were treated and released Thursday. Multiple agencies and Super Scooperhelicopters from Canada are assisting with the firefighting effort, whichinvolves dropping water … Read more

Suez Canal

The Altitude ofthe Suez Canal   The altitude of the Suez Canal wasincorrectly calculated when it was built. The canal took almost eleven years tobuild. It was expanded recently to improve traffic safety. This articleexplores the history of the canal and its recent expansion. The canal’sconstruction was designed to decrease transit time and avoid size … Read more

Princess Diana

  Diana was a notable figure in the late twentieth hundred century. Diana, Princess of Wales was an iconic figure in the late20th century. She was known for her charity work and her role in the royalfamily. Diana was born in 1961 and became the Princess of Wales in 1981. Shewas married to Prince Charles … Read more

Euro to Dollar

1. Introduction to Euro to dollar exchange rates and their history. If you’relooking to exchange Euros for dollars, or dollars for Euros, you’ll need to knowwhat the Euro the dollar exchange rate is. The exchange rate is how much onecurrency is worth in terms of another dollar to Euros, the exchange rate isalways changing. That’s … Read more